Hi there and welcome!

I’m Marianne Sabrier, lead photographer and spirited redhead at The Red M Studio. I’ve been a shooter and documenter pretty much my whole life, and in 2011 I was finally able to realize my dream of opening my own photography business!  For about the first three years the business was named my name …  which no one could spell or say (by the way, its pronounced Mary Ann Sah-bree-yay.)  When we finally realized that all people remembered was that the logo had a Red M … well, the business name got changed pretty quickly!  So feel free to call me Marianne, or you can just call me M!

About a year in, my husband Steve joined the business.  He’s my second shooter and assistant and an all around amazing business partner.  He sees light like a ninja and is a master of Snell’s Law (technical term for the way light bounces ... he'll tell you all about it). Moreover, there isn’t a pose that I’ve ever shot that he hasn’t stood in first as a willing model!

To sum it all up, we are a husband and wife team who have been sharing our lives since 2005 and have been delighting our clients with our clean, authentic photographic style since 2011.  With a keen eye for capturing moments that matter, we elevate ordinary photo sessions to spirited storytelling adventures you will be proud to share with your family and friends for years to come.  Together we share a passion for photography, music, food, wine, cooking and travel … not necessarily in that order, and best if all done at the same time …. preferably in the company of good friends and family!  We are both New Orleans natives who are enjoying photography as our second career and we love bringing our business to life together. We combine our differences into creative energy that provides our clients with an end result that is greater than either one of us could provide alone … we think the fancy pants word for that is “synergy”.  In simple terms, we love life and we love what we do!  And we are dedicated to bringing our combined passion and enthusiasm into every aspect of what we deliver to our clients.

We hope to tell your story soon!

Marianne & Steve