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The best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography

Whether you’re looking for a photographer for your New Orleans wedding, one more family portrait before the kids leave the nest, or new headshots for your latest business venture, you want someone who goes above and beyond.

The Red M Studio has developed a reputation for delivering over-the-top experiences in addition to the actual photos for our clients. With a keen eye for capturing moments that matter, we elevate ordinary photo sessions into fun storytelling adventures you will be proud to share with your family and friends for years to come. 

 If you are looking for someone to help you build your legacy with beautiful photos and provide you with an incredible experience, you’ve found that at the Red M Studio.  From the moment you hire us, you become a member of the Red M Family. But don’t take our word for it: 

Fun Fact: Why We Are The Red M!

For about the first three years the business was just Marianne’s name …  which no one could spell or say! (It’s pronounced Mary Ann Sah-bree-yay in case you weren’t sure yourself.) We finally realized that all people remembered was that the logo had a Red M! Taking a cue from our logo and Marianne's red hair, we changed the name pretty quickly! 

Get to know us! 

Marianne is the lead photographer and spirited redhead at The Red M Studio, while Steve is the second shooter, assistant, and problem-solver-in-chief.  Our colleagues often exclaim, "man, I really need a Steve!"

Together we share a passion for photography, music, food, wine, cooking and travel, though not necessarily in that order. In fact, our ideal day would be to do all at the same time, especially in the company of good friends and family! 

We are both New Orleans natives and are passionate about the wonderful and unique culture of food and music our city has to offer.  And we love sharing that culture with our clients, both local and visitors alike!!


When we met online many years ago, Steve caught Marianne's attention with his personal tagline "you get back what you give." That belief is at the core of our personal relationship, and when we started our business, we knew we wanted to incorporate that same spirit of giving.  We know that New Orleans is a truly special place and that’s why we are dedicated to using our business to help those in our area. 

To date, our family-session donation program has raised in excess of $26,000 for local schools and non-profits in the Greater New Orleans area.  And of course, being the food enthusiasts that we are, our true passion is working to eliminate hunger. Our annual food drive fundraiser feeds over 3,000 people each year, now going on our 11th year!  We like to say that we feed people with our cameras. 

Giving back to the community and helping families build their legacies through photography is a dream come true for us. Together, we provide our clients with results greater than either of us could accomplish alone. Our relationship is the foundation of the Red M Studio and is what lets us deliver the kind of experience only a family member could offer. 

We look forward to meeting you and having you become a part of the Red M Family!  We start our sessions with handshakes, and we end with hugs. After all, that’s what family does!

The Red M Studio gives back in the community

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