Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

So how do I book a session?

You can call me or fill out the contact form on my site, and I’ll call you.  We will chat briefly on the phone about your specific needs and, if desired, we can set up a complimentary in-person consultation.

What happens at the consultation?

The consultation is a time for us to get to know one another.  It will take place at my studio, 3422 49th Street, Metairie, LA.  You will come in to meet me, look at my products, and we will discuss your specific needs.  The consultation should take about 30 minutes and is free of charge.  When the consultation is complete, you can decide if you’d like to book a session.

What is the session fee?  What does it cover?  How does this work?

We’ve worked hard to make things pretty simple for you … here’s how it works:



So I’ve booked a session – where/when/at what time will it be?

The session can be at any location of your choosing within 30 miles of New Orleans.  The session can be outside of the New Orleans metro area, but there will be an additional fee for travel.  At the consultation, we will discuss the location and pick a date.

I prefer to shoot with natural light, therefore, it is best to shoot in the early morning or in the late evening, about 2 hours before sunset, often referred to as the “golden” hour.

How long will the session take?

The session usually takes about 1 to 1 ½ hours to shoot.  If young children are involved, the shoot may be shorter as their attention span only lasts so long.

What do I wear? Can I change outfits?

You should wear an outfit that is comfortable, and that makes you feel like you look your best!  Try to avoid any shirts with distracting words or logos.  Clothing that is fitted is most flattering; large, baggy or loose fitting shirts should be avoided.  For family shoots, mom should choose her clothing first, and then coordinate the family around her. You may bring more than one outfit and change during the shoot. Click here for outfit inspiration.

What should I bring?

You can bring any props that you would like to have included in your photo session, such as hats, scarves, glasses, hobby related props, musical instruments, etc. – anything that you consider fun, or anything that helps tell your story.

Can I bring my camera to the shoot?

My camera is the only camera permitted at the shoot. Multiple cameras can be distracting. If any cameras (including camera phones) are being used during the shoot, the shoot will end immediately and the deposit will NOT be refunded

How long till I see my images?

Your proofs will be ready for viewing in about 2 weeks from your session; we will book a time for viewing at the time we book your session.

How will I see my images?

You will come to my studio, 3422 49th Street, Metairie, for viewing.  During the viewing session, you will choose a custom package for ordering.  Any images that you have purchased will be placed in an online gallery that you can share with your family and friends.

What forms of payment do you take?

Cash, Check or major Credit Card.