Mondays with M – Moments that make me swoon!

So last week I told you that we were in Texas perfecting our posing techniques with the amazing Roberto Valenzuela author of Picture Perfect Posing.  We are home now, and sitting down reviewing what we learned, and I have to tell you that my heart is skipping a few beats …. I am in LOVE with these images! I read Picture Perfect Posing beforehand, but I am the type of learner that responds best to hands-on help.  We started out listening to Roberto lecture about his posing principles and then we went out to practice what we learned.  I couldn’t be happier!  I’ve studied posing before, but being given that extra bit of instruction as to “why” this pose might work really puts the final polish on the image.   We are so grateful to Roberto for all of his fabulous instruction and patient teaching, and to these models, as well, who endured the heat and the time consuming process of working the pose.  We can barely wait for our next client session so that we can put some of this into practice! Posting with Roberto ValenzuelaPosting with Roberto Valenzuela

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