Monthly Blog Circle – Negative Space

It’s getting to be busy season now that the weather is improving, and personal projects are a little harder to work on, but we managed to squeeze in a few minutes on a rainy afternoon this month to practice a concept for this month’s blog circle – negative space.  No, I didn’t choose a cemetery to represent negative space, as in “bad” negative.  As a matter of fact, I think our cemeteries in New Orleans are some of the most beautiful, peaceful places in the city.  Negative space is a concept in photography where you place the subject in the photograph such that there is a lot of blank, or negative space surrounding it.  The concept can be used in most any kind of photography, landscape, portraiture, etc. and can add a lot of interest to a body of work.Negative SpaceNegative SpaceNegative Space

So if you want to move on through the circle and see how the others in my blog circle interpreted negative space, click here and check out Nicole’s blog.

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