Myrtle + Ronnie // ReEngagement

We love love in all its forms, and we get so inspired by your love stories.  Beautiful brides and stories of new beginnings really get our heart thumping with excitement, but you know what else we think is just the bees knees??  Stories of enduring love.  Love that has lasted through the years, through those good times and bad we hear utterances of in the wedding vows, love that has figuratively and literally weathered the storm, in this case the storms called Betsy and Katrina.  Meet Myrtle + Ronnie, now married for 57 years.  They met on a blind date and married a year later in 1960.  Now with three beautiful daughters and one lucky grandchild, these life-long St. Bernard residents are now living life to the fullest in their home on the water in Clipper Estates.  When you walk into a store separately, and each walk out with a bright yellow jacket independent of the other, I think you just might be soul mates.  With a warm smile and a ready laugh, they entertained us for hours with their stories of the ups and downs of a 57 year marriage and shared their wisdom. They told us they believe that communication is key for a marriage that will endure the test of time and advised us to never lose sight of the small stuff.   Most days you will find these two enjoying one another’s company on their boat, eating out or engaging in the simpler things in life, like dancing in the kitchen.
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Anniversary Portraits
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  • Lsurie - I’ve known this couple for over 35 years and I’ve always loved the way the laugh and enjoy each other’s company. I remember thinking of them as the cool fun parents! What a blessing to hear their story! I love them! ReplyCancel


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